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Using LinkedIn Like You Mean It

In this Medium article, I share techniques I have used to grow my LinkedIn network from a few hundred to 8,000 connections. I discuss the difference between a personal profile, a company page, and groups.

I share how to make a great personal profile and some of LinkedIn’s most interesting features. I conclude by sharing real-life stats of posts I published on my account.

Three strategies to increase the number of connections in your LinkedIn network

The first strategy is based on the fact that people like the posts of the companies they’re working at more than any other posts.

  1. Find a list of companies in your field of choice
  2. Follow these companies
  3. Scroll through your feed to locate popular posts
  4. Open the likes and the comments, send connection requests strategically

The second strategy will increase your authority in the group of companies you are interested in. It is adapted from Gary Vaynerchuck’s 18 cents strategy for Instagram. It works like this:

  1. Identify hashtags that are of interest to you
  2. Do a search for theses hashtags or follow them
  3. Give your 2 cents worth on 9 posts
  4. Rinse and repeat

You could do the same with posts of the companies you listed in the first strategy or any leading firms in your field. Be mindful to bring value to the conversation and don’t be spammy.

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